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Top 5 Ammo Types for Your Survival Guns

When SHTF and security is a concern, the best firearm is the one you have with you–so long as its loaded and you know how to use it.  While that notion holds true if disaster were to strike tomorrow, you have time to consider the logistics of your firearms preparation before a threat becomes imminent.

To that end, some ammunition is considered more viable and effective for survival use than others, though specifically can be considered the best.  In a survival scenario, availability is key when it comes to weapons and ammunition selection.

Thus, the following five types of ammunition have been selected primarily for their high availability in normal times, which is likely to linger on when SHTF.

1. .22LR

22LRThe .22 caliber Long Rifle rimfire cartridge is commonly considered the best all-around survival ammunition.  The rounds are produced by nearly every ammunition manufacturer and are available for most makes and models of both .22 caliber pistols and rifles.

The generic 40-grain high velocity round can be found for a dime a dozen, while more powerful rounds are also tailor-made for mid-sized game hunting, self-defense, and competition shooting.

Its availability, variety, and affordability are what make the .22LR round a must-have for long-term disaster survival, when other variants of ammo may become a scarce and expensive commodity.  Accordingly, .22LR cartridges are lightweight enough to carry 1,000 rounds (or more) in the event you have to bug out.

Hunting for your own food becomes a necessity when your stores run dry in the aftermath of a crisis. Fortunately, the .22LR is among the most trusty ammo for small-game hunting, whether chambered through a bolt-action, lever-action, single-shot, or semi-automatic rifle.  Long-barreled .22 caliber pistols may also be serviceable for small-game hunting with the right variety of cartridge in the right conditions.

As a relatively small round, the .22 is not the best self-defense ammunition, but when SHTF you have to use what you have to defend what’s yours.  If you stock up on high-performance rounds, your abundance of ammo will at least give you a numbers advantage when it comes to disposable ammunition against a potential threat.