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Top 22 Handguns For Your Defense


In a time of crisis almost everyone will be armed regardless of what the government tries to do about it. Having and knowing how to use personal defensive handguns will make survival possible for you and your family.

The following five sections should be considered by all preppers no matter what their training or experience levels are.

  1. What Would Be the Best Firearm to Carry?

Here are a few things to think about when deciding which handgun to choose:

  • Can you shoot and kill if you must? If you are not honest with yourself and buy a handgun anyway and then freeze when it is needed the most, you and your family may pay a terrible price.
  • Before buying any handgun, define your intended purpose and use for the weapon. The next step is to research different handguns that meet your needs. If possible, handle and test fire those handguns that you are considering buying at local ranges that rents firearms or shoot with the same model firearms that belong to friends. When your mind is made up and you are satisfied with your choice, buy the handgun.
  • The best firearm to carry is one that fits your hands comfortably. Your hand should fit the pistol grip so that all fingers will grip the firearm without any fingers hanging in space. If the handgun you truly need and want does not fit your hand properly because the grip is too small, after market magazines that have a finger rest on them can help to solve this problem. Also the shooter’s fingers must be able to safely and easily operate the safety or the slide release.
  • Can you point quickly and naturally when pointing at the target? The handgun should be well balanced and hold on target with ease. If the barrel is too heavy this can make the gun point and shoot low. On the other hand if the barrel is to light, there is a tendency for the barrel to rise a little bit which could cause the gun to point and shoot high.
  • The ammunition caliber of the handgun is very important. Too small of a caliber and the stopping power may not be strong enough to stop and end the confrontation. Many more shots may be needed than you have time to fire off. If necessary, work your way up to larger caliber guns that have the stopping power required to quickly end the confrontation with just one or two shots fired.
  • The best caliber for a revolver would be a 38 Special or larger with the upper end at the .357 magnum. Anything smaller would not have the stopping power needed to end a confrontation.
  • The best caliber for a pistol would either be a 9MM, 40 Caliber, or a 45 ACP. Each of these calibers have enough stopping power to stop any confrontation with the least number of shots fired. It must be remembered that most US police forces use either 9MM, 40 Caliber, or 45ACP in their department issued sidearms. The US Military or UN Peace Keeping Troops carry 9MM or 45 ACP as their issued sidearms depending if the troops are regular troops or special operation troops needed to take care of “Special Problems”.
  • Anything smaller than the 9MM like the 380 ACP, 32 ACP, 25 ACP, or the 22 Caliber would be a poor choice of pistol calibers.   They are too light and do not have enough stopping power.  These calibers could be used if you had nothing else to protect yourself with and you can also train with them. They are better than nothing.
  • The recoil of the handgun should not be too heavy. If the recoil is too heavy it can cause the shooter to anticipate the heavy recoil causing them to flinch, close their eyes, or jerk the handgun off target.
  • No matter which handgun you choose, get the best one that you can afford with the money that has been set aside from your budget. Be practical in your choices of handguns. Buy a handgun model with a long history of dependability, safety, and is user friendly.
  • After you have made your preliminary choices of handguns you must compare the cost of the ammunition and availability of it. If the ammunition costs way too much or is hard to locate, consider dropping this weapon from your list.

Below is a table of handguns that I would recommend for preppers that are considering a personal defensive handgun for their personal protection during a time of crisis. Each person has their own set of personal requirements for their handgun needs. This is only a small sample of the handguns that are out in the marketplace.