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Top 10 Pistols Under 500$

While there are a lot of 9mm guns on the market, few of the good ones come in under $500. Here are our choices for the ideal 9mm handguns under $500 that can be used for a variety of intents without breaking the bank.

Number 10 – Beretta Pico

Beretta Pico is a small, semi-automatic pistol developed by Beretta and chambered in .380 ACP. The Beretta Pico is developed for concealed carry, it is light weight, small size, very suitable for concealment and is aimed for the civilian firearms  commercial market of and not for military use.

Beretta Pico uses .380 ACP cartridge, which is smaller than the 9x19mm Ruger, in order to keep the weight and size of the gun to a minimum. .380 ACP has always been regarded suitable for self-defence use; therefore, it has been a viable alternative to 9 mm in self-defence scenarios. This bullet does not produce too much recoil, and keeps Beretta Pico at a high degree of controllability.

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