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The .357 Magnum: Anything But Boring

Smith & Wesson Model 340PD

So despite the trend toward semi-automatics, revolvers still garner a large part of the market. And the .357 Mag. is chambered in virtually every revolver platform capable of handling the cartridge. As a revolver aficionado, I am equally as enthusiastic shooting a single-action revolver or a double-action revolver. My Ruger Flat Top is a revolver that is a joy to shoot, as are a pair of Vaqueros I used to shoot in cowboy action shooting. When I switched to a pair of Colts I briefly considered selling or trading the Vaqueros. But they are so accurate and so much fun to shoot I decided to keep them. The .357 Magnum is anything but boring. Whether in a big-frame Model 27, a pocket-pistol 342PD or loafing around the back country with a single action, the .357 Magnum is a versatile, accurate round with the capability of a target round or a powerhouse. I believe I’ll keep mine.

Colt Single Action

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