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Woman Attempts to Shoot Down Privacy Invading Drone

We live in a world full of drones, and they can be entertaining.  Be that as it may, using them to look into windows? Not something nice, and the woman in this video is having none of it. When she sees it, the landlady first tosses a stone. But, her …

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15 Hilarious “Caught Staring” Pics

They say that pictures speak a thousand words, but all of these photos seem to say just one: OOPS! We can’t blame these guys for sneaking a quick peek… but we can laugh at them when they get busted. Beckham Gets Busted Wonder how much this photo pissed off Posh? 

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Woman Shoots Parachute with Flare Gun During Skydive and Sets it on Fire!

In spite of how the title sounds, this was no mischance. It was rather a trick by champion skydiver  Brianne Thompson, who chose to warm up this jump by shooting and smoldering her parachute with a flare firearm. Notwithstanding for an accomplished competitor, this is one trick where a large …

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Armed Woman Shoots Home Intruders and Chases Them Out

Home o video caught 3 men raging an Atlanta home and the same men retreat as the armed lady pursues them out. Gwinnett County Police Department discharged video indicating three men kick in the front entryway, look the house and after that keep running retreat the entryway as the lady open fire. On …

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Smith&Wesson .500 Goes Into “Full Auto” After Woman Shoots It

This impeccable day at the range practically turned out badly for this young woman. The Smith and Wesson .500 Magnum gun discharged 2 times in a completely programmed mishap. The handgun attempted to torque itself from her grasp, yet she clutches it. Upon a more critical look, conceivably this pistol …

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Meet The Sexiest Mafia Leader Woman Gangstar The “Mexican Kim Kardashian”

Gentlemen, Claudia Ochoa Felix is the type of woman your mother warned you about! Why? For starter’s, this 27-year-old Kim Kardashian lookalike reportedly just took over Los Ántrax, a hit squad that carries out executions on behalf of the Sinaloa cartel. Plus, according to the Telegraph, Claudia Felix carries a …

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