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First Time Carrying In Public: What To Expect

So you’re a concealed carry virgin. We’ve all been there, and many of us probably had an anxiety-filled first time out into the world as an armed citizen. What is it going to be like while carrying out and about? What should I look out for? Will anyone notice? Is …

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Shooting is the Easy Part: What They Don’t Tell You About Gun Fights

We often go to the range, dry fire, take various shooting classes, and agonize over the right handgun/holster/ammunition set up in order to improve our technical skills and give ourselves the best chance of prevailing in a defensive shooting.  However, the actual shooting is only a small part of the …

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Here’s What Steroids Actually Do To Your Body

If you hang around a gym long enough, then chances are, some dude is gonna mention steroids. It’s probably just a joke or a passing reference, nothing to take seriously. And for the most part, nobody worries about it. Nothing to see here. Right? Right. The reality, though, is a …

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