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Top Secret Advanced Military Weapons

Consistently, countries around the globe burn through billions of dollars on defense budget. It’s not hard to see of who the top spenders are with regards to military spending plans. Head and shoulders above every other country in this regard is the United States. The USA spends around $600 billion …

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Here are The 12 Best-Selling Firearms of 2016

Can you guess what firearms sold best in 2016? Give it a try (answers are below the picture). Another year of gun sales has come to an end. Record highs in gun sales have increased in the past couple years, and last year was no exception. From revolvers and side-by-sides to semi-autos …

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People Sure Can Be Resourceful Check Out These Homemade Guns!

These firearms weren’t purchased at your local gun shop. Nope, and I doubt  you would find and of  them at a gun show either. That’s because these weapons weren’t mass produced, they are handmade. Although some of them may look weird, I wouldn’t doubt that they are still lethal. If they don’t …

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Top 10 Gun Myths

One shotgun blast can clear an entire room. All guns are assault rifles that shoot 30 clips per second. The gun show loophole arms all the baddies. Let’s go over our top 10 gun myths that keep getting perpetuated by Hollywood and the media.   Myth #1: Guns make people …

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Crazy Wonder Weapons That Germans Used During The World War II

The Goliath Tracked Mine They were nicknamed “doodlebugs” by the Allies. Officially, they were designated SdKfz 302 Sonderkraftfahrzeug, “Special-purpose Vehicle,” but they were mostly referred to as the Goliath Tracked Mine. They began to see action about 1942, and were used in all fronts. Basically a remote-controlled demolition device; a …

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The Chauchat Light Machine Gun: Not Really One of the Worst Guns Ever

  The popularized narrative about the French Chauchat light machine gun is one that presents the automatic rifle as an unmitigated failure. Detractors tend to emphasize poor workmanship, delicate magazines, and they also regularly repeat the broadest possible generalization of all—that the Chauchat was prone to jamming. The origins of this …

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