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ACR vs SCAR And Why The ACR Is Better!

The ACR vs the SCAR, which rifle is better ? Let’s find out! The Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle is the production name for the updated version of the Adaptive Masada Combat Weapon System. In late January 2008, Bushmaster signed a licensing agreement with Magpul, where the former would take over …

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Handheld Minigun vs Ballistics Gel

The XM214 was a prototype of a rotatry machine gun in 5.56 mm cal. It was designed and built by General Electric, but never entered mass production. Also known as Microgun, the XM214 was a scaled down version of the M134 “minigun”, firing the M63 ammunition. The XM214 was at …

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The .50 Browning Machine Gun is a unit pattern developed for the M2 Browning – machine gun and was officially put into operation in 1921. The pattern is based on the .30-06 Springfield pattern. It is categorized as a standard unity pattern for NATO and non-NATO countries under STANAG 4383. …

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HK 416 vs. Colt M4

A video comparison between the Heckler and Kosh’s 416 and the Colt M4. Which one you think is better? The HK416 is an assault rifle designed and manufactured by Heckler & Koch. It is an improved version of the M4 carbine, with many changes with respect to it, most notably …

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