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11 Types of Guns That Will Keep You Alive Come Doomsday

For those people who call themselves hardcore doomsday preppers, you know that you will go out of your way to not just get the necessary but the best possible items to stockpile in your doomsday bunkers to brace yourselves and best the impending apocalypse. But the food and water you …

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These 16 Pictures Will Prove That There Are 2 Types Of Girls

We all know there aren’t only two types of girls in this world. Just like there aren’t only two types of guys, or dogs, or even peanut M&M’s. THAT BEING SAID, in the name of humor and empathy here’s a list of the “two types of women” all women can …

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Basic Bullet Guide: Sizes, Calibers, and Types

I think one of the most daunting things when I first started looking for a gun was what size bullet to get? At the time I figured all bullets kill just fine so it was just a matter of what gun I like. Ah, I was so young and naive …

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Top 5 Ammo Types for Your Survival Guns

When SHTF and security is a concern, the best firearm is the one you have with you–so long as its loaded and you know how to use it.  While that notion holds true if disaster were to strike tomorrow, you have time to consider the logistics of your firearms preparation …

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