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Somali Pirates Attacked a US Navy Warship. It Went Poorly.

Pirates off the coast of Somalia have long been a problem, particularly since the beginning of the second phase of the Somali civil war just over a decade ago. In fact, Somali pirates impeded shipping, resulting in increased shipping costs, to the tune of approximately $6.6 billion – $6.9 billion …

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SEAL Team 6 Insane Firefight With Somali Pirates to Save Two American Hostages

In the endless adventure of high oceans kidnappings by Somali Pirates, there have numerous dangerous firefights. No unit is preferred at these over SEAL Team Six. They are the best, and the most prepared. It’s easy to see why. From bringing down Osama Bin Laden, to many different missions that …

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Somali Pirates Mistakenly Attack Naval Vessel and Get What Was Coming

Somali Pirates are not the smartest creatures on Earth and this video shows this perfectly. These Somali pirates endeavor to swarm and board an obscure boat around evening time. The boat ends up being a US Naval vessel, and they endeavor to escape in the wake of being let go upon. …

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