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Jagdkommando Show Their Skills – Austrian Armed Forces That Give Terrorists Nightmares

Jagdkommando Show Their Skills – Austrian Armed Forces That Give Terrorists Nightmares – Credits to Randumbly Ripped Jagdkommando is the Austrian Special Operations team, and as indicated by this video, they are amazingly capable in directing counter terrorism based operations both locally and abroad. The first class Jagdkommando, which actually …

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Japan X-2 Stealth Fighter During Its First Flight Ever Shows Its Skills to China

As China builds islands to develop army installations and North Korea tests atomic warheads you can understand the reason why their neighbors are on edge. Japan’s military is getting ready for the possible war and that is the reason they have done some improvement to the Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin. The …

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World’s Fastest Trap Shooter – Crazy Skills

Watch the fastest shooter in action. Trap shooter John Yeiser IV must be half man and half shotgun. This snappy shot is all smooth movement when breaking clay pigeons. John’s extraordinary shooting has earned him the title of World’s Fastest Trap Shooter. He had the quickest time to shoot and the speediest time to …

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Great Drills To Increase Your Shooting Skills

Getting started in the shooting sports is an investment. For many new shooters, that investment is primarily financial. They need to buy a gun, ammunition, targets, and they may have to pay dues to a shooting club if there isn’t a state range nearby. Perhaps the best investment that new …

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WW2 Veteran Shows His Deadly Knife Skills – How to Cut a Throat

This World War II veteran had a quite intriguing story to tell so here we go. Meet Trooper Stan W. Scott, a World War II veteran. His unit was framed by England in 1940 out of volunteers that needed to do exceptional administration and was included in 7 noteworthy operations. It …

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This Girl Can Shoot Better Than You! Crazy Glock & Shotgun Skills

Tori Nonaka is ablaze when you give her a weapon on the  range. Witness this great shooter demonstrate to us young men proper methodologies to truly handle the extent with style. Tori Nonaka is only one of numerous lady shooters that are lighting the professional shooting world ablaze. With fast reflexes and …

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