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Japan X-2 Stealth Fighter During Its First Flight Ever Shows Its Skills to China

As China builds islands to develop army installations and North Korea tests atomic warheads you can understand the reason why their neighbors are on edge. Japan’s military is getting ready for the possible war and that is the reason they have done some improvement to the Mitsubishi X-2 Shinshin. The …

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Van Damme Gets Kicked in the Head During Show, Look at His Response!

Cameras have caught the moment when Jean-Claude Van Damme delivered justice on an douchebag fan who kicked him in the head. Van Damme was at a show to promote his new motion picture, Kickboxer Vengeance, when he welcomed a fan in front of an audience. The thought was to play …

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These Pictures Show How These Girls Night Out Went Horribly Wrong

Night outs mean being fond of night life which most of the people do. Especially the younger generation love to go or plan for night outs. Night outs sounds awesome and crazy. We all plan night outs with our friend’s, family or our loved ones. We experience all the crazy …

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Marines Show How To Dominate At 3-Gun Shooting

We asked a pro shooter on the Marine Corps action shooting team how to dominate at three-gun shooting. Sprinting past obstacles and unloading on targets with a high-powered rifle is fun — though police calling afterward isn’t — but what’s better than one weapon? A second one, how about a …

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Special Operations Forces From All Over The World Give a Spectacular Show For The Civilians

The U.S. Spec-Ops people group is a noteworthy element of America. Watch this show directed amid Special Operations Forces Week. With regards to directing great military strategies and moves, the men of the American Spec-Ops people group are at the tip of the lance. Every individual branch of the military has …

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