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How to Start a Ruger Collection

From sixguns to bolt-guns, you can’t go wrong by starting a Ruger collection. Here are some tips for getting started. I have enjoyed collecting guns and specifically Rugers for many years. During that time I have learned several good lessons. Some of those have been quite costly, but those are …

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30/30 Revolver? Yep the BFR

Magnum Research’s BFR pistol is something to witness. Loaded for some rifle cartridges this brute has the capability to put huge  critters down brisk. Whether the BFR is known as the “Big Frame Revolver”, or “Biggest Finest Revolver” or whatever other term at first sight this mammoth looks merciless. This pistol …

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Choosing a .45 Pistol or Revolver

If you are looking for a good, solid handgun for home protection or to wear as a sidearm while hunting or trekking through the woods, a .45 is a good choice.  Whether you are trying to ward off a home invader or bring down an angry bear, you can rely …

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Tested: Ruger GP100 .44 Special Revolver

Last year we posted 5 Ruger Revolvers We’re Ready For. There I put into print my desire for a 5-shot version of the Ruger GP100. Instead of additional chambers for smaller cartridges, like the 6-shot .327 Fed. SP101 or the 10-shot GP100 .22 LR, I hoped for fewer chambers capable …

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Best One Handgun To Own – What If You Had to Pick Just One?

What if you had to choose to live with only one handgun? This handgun would have to fill the roles of self-defense and hunting. Obviously, this is a very personal choice and is dependent upon a number of conditions which will be discussed below. I am also not out to …

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My Opinion of Charter Arms: Review of The Pitbull

Though I do have a couple of Glocks, I’ve always considered myself a revolver aficionado. I’d heard of Charter Arms, but honestly, prior to this purchase, I never actually had the opportunity to fondle a Charter Arms revolver. I did an exhaustive amount of internet research on Charter Arms and, …

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