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Realistic Sex Dolls Are Already Here!

A sex doll company out of Barcelona Spain just dropped the mic on the sex toy industry. When it comes to a realistic life-like doll, Lumnidolls has just set the bar very, very high. I mean you can hardly tell the difference between these dolls and the real thing, and …

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The Most Realistic Live-Fire Range in the World – U.S. Marines Range 400

Starting from the first minute the Marines get on the training camp, until the day they choose to resign from their service, there is one thing that each of them learns: you will have to train hard and you will have to work hard constantly. No surprise that the most …

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Combat Medevac Training With Realistic Brutally Wounded Robot

Being a war medevac is maybe one of the most dangerous duties you can have in the military. Normally you’re compelled to remain quiet and concentrated on your job yet in the meantime you are right in the heat of the fight attempting to get the injured soldier out – keeping …

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Most Realistic Gun Scenes in Movies (And Some Ridiculous Ones)

Do movies ever get guns right? Guns and movies have an odd relationship.  Sometimes gun fights are portrayed realistically. Collateral, Mozambique Drill But 9 times out of 10 the portrayal of firearms is often quite humorous (and entertaining) for those in the know. Wanted, Curve the Bullet So who does …

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The Most Realistic D-Day Reenactment in Omaha Beach

Reenacting D-Day is surely a serious job and devotees in Conneaut, Ohio demonstrate they’re dependent upon it consistently. D-Day Conneaut is one of the biggest reenactment social orders in America. Through reasonable reenactments, they have a tendency to underline the instructive and authentic part of what is turning into an exceptionally …

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