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John Cena Playing an Army Sniper in NEW Movie

John Cena will be playing a more serious role in “The Wall,” a wartime thriller whose events are set in Iraq. The new thriller called “The Wall” pits two officers on an Army expert sniper group against a faceless enemy sniper in Iraq. In a new trailer John Cena, who …

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Conor McGregor Playing Around with Mountain from Game of Thrones

When we first got word that Conor McGregor was occupied with a bareknuckle battle with Gregor Clegane, a.k.a The Mountain, our response was WOW. At that point we got our hands on this 3 and a half minutes video. In spite of the fact that it isn’t a genuine “battle”, they …

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Wannabe Gangster Almost Shoots Himself Playing with a Gun

This person should never hold a gun. At any rate, not until he’s demonstrated that he can work with an IQ higher than a creature with a pea-sized brain. Unmistakably, this child isn’t there yet. This next trick gives us a case of what not to do while taking care …

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