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Big-Game Medicine: The .475 Revolver Cartridges

There are three notable cartridges in the .475-inch diameter category — the .480 Ruger, .475 Linebaugh and the .475 Maximum or Linebaugh Long. The progenitor of all three of these cartridges is the .475 Linebaugh, which spawned both the shorter .480 Ruger and the longer .475 Maximum. John Linebaugh is …

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Review: Smith & Wesson’s New M&P M2.0

The second generation M&P M2.0 takes Smith & Wesson’s classic pistol to the next level with ergonomic and performance upgrades. There are two ways you can look at the new S&W M&P M2.0. One way is the philosophy of “Why fix what isn’t broken?” The M&P9 M1.0 worked fine; so, …

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