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Do You Know Which Concealed Carry Handgun is Right for You?

CCW: Revolver or Autoloader? The semi-automatic has the following features going for it as a concealed weapon: flatness, greater number of rounds between reloadings, faster reloading (when spare loaded magazines are available to hand), the potential for better accuracy in average hands (although that point is more or less moot …

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15 Deaths That Could’ve Been Avoided With Common Sense

Oh if only common sense were really all that common… this article wouldn’t exist. Surely many people have heard of the Darwin Awards: unfortunate awards granted to those who died in the most possibly ridiculous ways imaginable. Effectively, the Darwin Awards are meant to warn people against contaminating the gene …

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Are Crossbows Good for Home Defense?

Are crossbows good for home defense? Did that make you giggle? While crossbows might not be anyone’s weapon of choice, it doesn’t mean it has no merit when it comes to home defense. There are plenty of people out there that think you have to have a loaded Glock in …

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Top 5 Facts Gun Control Advocates Hate

Anti-gun groups in America are constantly trying to erode the fundamental right to bear arms. Simply put, they don’t want citizens to be able to defend themselves. Seconds count in life-and-death situations, and one cannot wait for the Police to arrive when there is an intruder in your home. It was Thomas …

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