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The 5 Best Pocket Sized Pistols Available

The gun you carry could be the difference between life and death. We’ve already covered which handguns were the absolute best in the industry for new shooters. Now, let’s talk about the best pocket sized pistols available on the market, for those who want deep concealment. Before we get to …

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7 Highly Effective Self-Defense Weapons That Don’t Go BANG

When it comes to self-defense, there’s a reason that the police, secret service, military police and FBI all carry sidearms. Firearms are the overwhelming favorite among security professionals as well they should be. Unfortunately, civilians aren’t always offered the same access to self-defense tools that government officials are given. Even …

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This Is How Marines Learn To Shoot

A USMC drill instructor explains how recruits learn to shoot like Marines. All Marines, regardless of job or rank, have one thing in common: They know how to shoot. Marksmanship is integral to a Marine’s career; it’s a point of pride and impacts your eligibility for promotion. In asymmetrical warfare, …

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6 Guns for the Gunfighter

Bat Masterson ordered a custom pistol that may be rightly called the first of the Gunfighter’s Guns. “Gents, Please send me one of your Nickel plated .45 Caliber revolvers. It is for my own use and for that reason I would like to have a little Extra pains taken with …

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15 Creepiest Images Found On Security Cameras

I don’t know about you, but the internet has made me quite the cynic. There’s been so much fake stuff floating around out there that my fake-radar pops up in almost every viral video. All of the heartwarming reunions, pranks and *SHOCKING* is enjoyable for the first thirty seconds, but …

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