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This Ultimate Modified AR-15 is Perfect for Zombie Apocalypse

This Ultimate Modified AR-15 is Perfect for Zombie Apocalypse – In case you’re into weapons, you’ll have undoubtedly heard about the AR-15. It’s a shockingly lightweight rifle that is air cooled and has what’s known as a ‘pivoting bolt jolt’. The AR-15 was the premise for the popular M-16 rifle, …

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A Jeep And a 50 Cal Machine Gun – The Perfect Warmachine

Look at this badass car. The people over at CAL 50 Jeep hired Starwood Motors out of Dallas Texas to make some changes to their Jeep with the goal that they can mount a Browning M2 on top of it. Why? Because they can and they thought it would be …

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A $250 Reliable Pistol? Yep, And It’s Perfect For Home Defense

One of the most important firearms to have in your home defense arsenal is a reliable handgun. I would even go as far as to say that owning a handgun is more important than a shotgun, simply because you can conceal it on your person and travel with it. That said, …

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7 Concealed Carry Guns That Are Perfect For Range Training

Many gun buyers new to concealed carry are eager to get out on the firing range. That’s great, but some subcompact guns suited for concealed carry are of limited usefulness for extensive practice. Low ammunition capacity and lack of outside-waistband holster and mag pouch choices mean the owner of the …

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15 Pocket Pistols Perfect For Christmas

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you know what that means. Presents, and lots of them. We get it. Sometimes it can be tough figuring out what to buy for loved ones. If there’s a firearm enthusiast in your family, that decision-making process can be even more daunting when you haven’t done …

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Adam Savage Builds a Perfect Zorg ZF-1 Prop Replica

The Fifth Element is one of those motion pictures you can’t resist the urge to watch completely through at whatever point it’s on TV. There are just excessively numerous brilliant minutes to miss, however unmistakably Adam Savage’s most loved was the uncover of the Zorg ZF-1 blaster. Why else would …

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