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‘Crazy Scientist’ Creates a Full Auto Battery Gun That Shoots 600 Rounds per Minute

Look as this crazy fella presents a Full Auto Battery Firing PVC Air Gun that shoots an insane 600 Rounds Per Minute (at least he says so). What’s more, the speed of the batteries is evaluated 200 feet per second. This is truly amazing and as you will see, the …

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Deadliest Weapon Ever Invented – 1 Million Rounds per Minute

Forget all that you think you know about weapons and what a weapon can and can’t do. All that you know is nothing after watching the deadliest weapon ever constructed: ‘Metal Storm’. This amazing weapon was made to change warfare forever. You may have thought we were overstating when we said that …

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AN-94 – The 1800 Rounds-Per-Minute Burst-Firing Russian Beast

The Russian A 94’s 2 shot hyper-burst is fast to the point that two shots are downrange before the shooter can react to the backlash. The AN 94 was outlined as a potential substitution to the AK-74 arrangement of rifles at present in administration with Russian Armed Forces. Because of …

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