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Pocket Pistols Past and Present

Currently, it is estimated there are around 14 million Americans with Right-to-Carry or carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) permits. And the number of peaceable gun carriers is even higher, as there are 10 states where no permit is required for a law-abiding citizen—who is not a prohibited person—to have a …

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10 Seminal Guns From The Past 300 Years

The concept of concealment is not new. While small-framed handguns are prominent in today’s market, pocket pistols have been reincarnated repeatedly for over 200 years. Throughout their history, pocket pistols have changed yet fundamentally remained the same. They have been called “pocket,” “muff,” “coat,” “derringer,” “boot,” “vest,” “palm” and “subcompact” …

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Folding Luger Stock Pistol – ‘Futuristic’ Gun From The Past

Without a doubt, you may thoroughly know the German Luger gun, yet we’re still almost certain you have never seen a folding stock for the Luger Pistol. Ian from Forgotten Weapons got an opportunity to look at a truly uncommon Benke-Thiemann Folding Stock, mounted on a Luger Pistol. This smart configuration permits …

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