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Hot Brass: Jill Hensley

You think you’re safer because you carry that gun around all the time? No, absolutely not. I am safer because I know how to use this gun I carry around all the time. Teach your daughters, your girlfriends, your wives, your sisters, your nieces how to protect themselves. My biggest …

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50 year old Farm Girl Shoots the Mossberg 500 & Remington 870 in High Heels

In this video, a lady shoots the Mossberg 500 in high heels, and she makes an amazingly decent showing with regards to. Look at how she handles the capability of her Mossberg 500 and figures out how to remain adjusted through it all! Despite the fact that the weapon was effective, …

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Texan Lady Shooting 500 SMITH AND WESSON One Handed!

You don’t get the opportunity to see individuals shooting a S&W 500 Magnum one hand each day especially a lady who does it right. Be that as it may, regardless of in case you’re a man or a lady, you should simply rehearse as regularly as possible.  On the off chance that …

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