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Cheap and Easy AR Upgrade (Do-It-Yourself DuraCoat)

Our world is bursting with vibrant color, that is, until you walk into your local gun store. Sure, you’ll find the occasional snub nose with pink grips or maybe a gold-plated Desert Eagle, but as gun buyers we’ve become mostly pigeonholed into an uninspired color palette modeled closely after the …

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How to Load A Semi-Auto Handgun Magazine – Different Methods

Eve Flanigan, strolls us through how to stack a handgun magazine in this next instructional video. In the event that you’ve been around for a bit, you realize that when your gun magazine is full, it can get hard to complete the process of stacking. This is a system she …

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How to Hold and Fire a Handgun Properly

Using a firearm doesn’t make you tough, and it’s not glamorous. Frankly, we’re appalled by movies and TV shows (except for 24 with Kiefer Sutherland, who appears to have been trained very well by an expert) that have not only criminals but also police using firearms like idiots — holding …

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