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How to Reload a Semi-Automatic Pistol

Reloading a pistol is simple — take out the empty magazine and stick in a fully loaded one. But this process seems so trivial on the surface that many shooters overlook the fact that there is a technique involved in performing a pistol reload quickly and smoothly. As I’ll discuss …

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Difference Between Gun Magazine vs Clip

One of the most often misused terms are gun magazines versus clips.  It boils down to what feeds what. Magazine vs Clip A magazine feeds the gun, while a clip feeds the magazine. Clips make loading multiple rounds into a magazine easier.  And sometimes you have to use the clip for …

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10 Great New Pieces of Gun Gear

It’s true: A shooter can never have too many guns. And he can’t have too much gun gear, either. Thankfully, we have an endless supply of new shooting accessories that make our time on the range or in the field a little safer, a little more fun and a little …

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Top 10 Gun Myths

One shotgun blast can clear an entire room. All guns are assault rifles that shoot 30 clips per second. The gun show loophole arms all the baddies. Let’s go over our top 10 gun myths that keep getting perpetuated by Hollywood and the media.   Myth #1: Guns make people …

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The World’s Most Versatile (And Underappreciated) Firearm?

The shotgun is perhaps the most versatile firearms on the face of the planet. From big game to small game to game birds, a shotgun will do the job. For home defense, the shotgun is more than capable and intimidating. Need a survival gun? The shotgun can cover it all …

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