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Turning The Living Room Into a Gun Range

On the off chance that you don’t have space outside or if you just don’t like shooting outside, you can simply assemble a family room firearm range. If you’re into indoors shooting, then you will love the most recent Demolition Ranch video. Obviously, it is staggeringly unsafe… however if you’ve …

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How To Get Banned From The Gun Range

The greater part of gun lovers, also like explosives, big blasts, and shrapnel. This lady takes it to the next level, destroys the wooden target holders and everything else. Shooting a suppressed G17 gun using production line 147 gr subsonics, the outcomes are really amazing. Also watch her as she …

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World’s Most Dangerous and Stupid Gun Range that Shoots Over a Busy Road!

Trust it or not, this 300-meter rifle run in Brunnlisau, Switzerland, shoots specifically over a bustling main street. Envision driving not far off when abruptly you begin listening to weapon shoot and acknowledge you’re specifically downrange. This is absolutely exceptional. We know what you’re considering: How can this be even …

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