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Functional .22 Cal Steampunk Gatling Gun

Some American gun enthusiasts are interested in designing and creating guns and ammunition of their own. Now we don’t know what the law states about this, but we are pretty sure that it has to be illegal at some points or the other. But the people who create such artillery …

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M134 Minigun: The Modern Gatling Gun

In this video by The Forgotten Weapons, Ian features a General Electric M134 “Minigun”. The Minigun is a six-barrel rotary machine gun with a high rate of fire. It is essentially an electrically-powered Gatling gun, in the sense that the conceptual operation of the gun is identical to Richard Jordan …

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Check Out the .50 Cal Gatling Gun in Action – GAU-19/B

See the awesome .50 gauge GAU Gatling gun in real life. The .50 cal Browning automatic rifle cartridge is a mammoth of a shot that was initially composed against light covering and air ship. Mate this cartridge with a Gatling gun, and you have a lot of pain against your adversaries! The .50 cal Browning assault rifle …

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Feeding Powerful Gatling Gun With Thousand 20mm Rounds and Missiles Loading

Take a gander at a F-15 resupply highlighting a gatling gun with a thousand 20mm rounds. In this video, aviators from the USAF stack a gatling gun into a F-15 Eagle with intense ammunition and enormous rockets. Look as they utilize machines to stack these planes up with enough capability to level a …

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Huge Full Auto Gatling Gun That Shoots Ping Pong Balls!

Joerg is back with another cool invention: Ping pong Gatling gun! The Slingshot Channel had a significant testing work to make for an amusement show in the United Kingdom. This ping pong ball discharging Gatling weapon is simply ideal for that part. Shooting completely automatic this ping pong ball Gatling weapon is high on …

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