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SEAL Team 6 Insane Firefight With Somali Pirates to Save Two American Hostages

In the endless adventure of high oceans kidnappings by Somali Pirates, there have numerous dangerous firefights. No unit is preferred at these over SEAL Team Six. They are the best, and the most prepared. It’s easy to see why. From bringing down Osama Bin Laden, to many different missions that …

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Nuclear Bomb Scary Explosion Footage Declassified After 70 Years

After WWII, the world was pushed into the Cold War and strains were at a record-breaking high. The United States and Soviet Russia were involved in a weapons contest to fabricate the most incredible atomic weapon in case of war. A considerable amount of the American atomic tests were kept …

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The Day North Korea Fired A Missile At an American SR71 Blackbird – Footage and History

In the 1960s, the Air Force built up a plane that could travel more than three times as quick as the sound created by its own particular motors. The SR-71 Blackbird’s unbelievable rate empowered it to assemble knowledge in a matter of seconds while streaking crosswise over unpleasant skies. In the …

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Pilot Waits Until The Last Second To Eject From Crashing Aircraft

After a mission over Afganistan, two Harrier Jump planes returned into land at Kandahar. Since it was extremely bustling they were advised by the air movement controllers to hover for 10 minutes. At the point when permission for landing was given they were asked to come in quick in light of …

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Firing the Biggest Gun of all Times Schwerer Gustav – The Only Known Footage

Schwerer Gustav was the name of a Nazi railroad firearm. It was produced in the late 1930s by Krupp as attack mounted guns for the unequivocal motivation behind wrecking the principle strongholds of the French Maginot Line, the most grounded fortresses then in presence. The complete firearm weighed about 1,350 tons, and …

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D-Day Invasion – Dramatic RAW Footage of the Beach Landing

Unique, sensational footage of the Normandy attack which occurred on June sixth, 1944 and takes after the American warriors as they start the freedom of Nazi-involved Europe. The story takes us from the flight in England, the long hold up intersection the channel to the genuine attack on Omaha Beach. …

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