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Should You Cerakote Your Firearm?

If you have purchased a firearm in the last several years, you likely have heard of Cerakote. I recently had an opportunity to learn more about this coating process during a project on my own custom carry system, a full-size Smith & Wesson M&P 9 paired with an M&P Shield …

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Henry AR7 Survival Rifle – Ultra-Portable Firearm

The AR-7 made by Henry Repeating Arms is a light, separable, quick firing rifle loaded for .22LR. Whenever dismantled, the collector, barrel and eight-round magazine would all be able to fit inside the rifle’s weatherproof/waterproof stock, framing a smaller bundle that weigh just 3.5 pounds. The rifle is 35 inches when …

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5 Reasons to Own Survival Firearms

I carry a firearm every day. I do so recognizing that even a 911 call would be too little and too late when a dire threat is staring right into my eyes. That goes for disaster situations, too, which is why I own survival firearms. But are survival firearms really …

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