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Aftermarket Updates Every Glock Owner Needs

There really does seem to be a strange love/hate relationship between gun nuts and Glocks. For some reason, the brand is either avoided like a Christmas fruitcake, or it’s canonized into the “gospel” of all that is wonderful about handguns. As for me, I do like Glocks for their sheer …

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Concealed Carry Facts Every Gun Enthusiast Should Know

It is imperative among gun owners to develop the kind of understanding about concealed carry facts that promote discipline and responsibility.  A single thoughtless mistake can put you in a really bad situation if you’re not careful.  Guns are dangerous if not treated with respect, but what’s more dangerous than the …

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10 Guns Every Hunter Should Have In Their Collection

There are some guns you need, and some guns you just want – here’s a list with a bit of both. You could shoot anything, anywhere with this group as your arsenal. Some of these guns have stood the test of time and some are more recent emergents. Whether planning a …

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Six Military Surplus Guns That Every Collector Should Own

Regardless of where your overall gun interests lie, chances are that you’ll end up picking up a milsurp piece at some point or another. Old military guns are both fun to shoot and fascinating artifacts that can serve as gateways to learning about the past. This is a list of …

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