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Build an Apocalypse Gun with Hardware Store Parts

We beyond any doubt do love our guns. From our 1911 style guns to the widely utilized Glocks, these side arms are being used each day as a highly required instrument.What happens on the off chance that one day they would all say all are taken away by power?  No sir …

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How To Build A Survival Arsenal For $500

“Survival arsenals” are a mainstay of those in the preparedness community, but the cost of building one can quickly get out of hand. Sure, for a couple thousand dollars, you could buy a high-quality semi-automatic rifle, a dependable pump or semi shotgun, and a good pistol. But not everyone has …

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How to Build an AR-15: A Beginner’s Guide

You do not always have to go to a gun store to purchase an AR-15. Surprised? I know I was when I first ventured into the hobby of building custom AR-15s. Some of you may not know, but building your own AR-15 is actually quite simple. However, if you do …

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How To Build a Basic AR-15

In this video you will the whole procedure of gathering an essential 16″ AR-15 carbine. The AR-15 is pervasive with American guns proprietorship by and large and numerous individuals are keen on building their own particular rifle to spare a cash. With a couple of straightforward devices, a little direction and …

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