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Don’t Shoot! 15 Sexy Photos of Bad Girls With Guns Guaranteed To Turn You On!

Guns are awesome, hot girls are awesome, and the two combined together nearly defies the laws of all things awesome. We’ve searched gun shows far and wide for the hottest firearm toting beauties around and found some seriously trigger happy hotties. Here for you now, the 15 Hottest Girls with …

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10 Firing Positions That Will Make You Cringe

Let’s face it- there are some really bad shooters out there. From third world hellholes to your cousin in Chicago, some people could really benefit from a basic safety course, let alone a tactical class. Here is a collection of ten frustrating, entertaining and occasionally downright bizarre shooting behaviors. 10. I …

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5 Best Guns for Bad Shooters

Shooting well is a lot harder than it looks. Pointing a gun at a target and pulling the trigger appears to be such a simple thing to do, right? Yet, almost without fail, I see first-time shooters fire shots at a target that’s way too far away. It looks so easy …

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