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MASSIVE 500 Round Ammunition Backpack for the US Military

It is gunner’s job to become proficient with pretty much every light or heavy machine gun in their arsenal. Most of the time, soldiers carry ammunition in a little backpack and just feed the firearm a 50-100 round belt that would hang out of the weapon. This new ammunition backpack …

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New Life for the .380 ACP

The .380 ACP has been with us for more than 100 years. It’s also known as the .380 Auto, 9 mm Browning Short, 9 mm Corto, 9 mm Kurz or 9×17 mm. Corto is Italian, Kurz is German; both translate to “short” in English. Because of these European names, some …

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The 5 Best Calibers If You Want Cheap Ammo

One of the drawbacks to certain new firearms is the cost of the ammunition. Experienced hunters and shooters typically know this, but it can still be shocking on occasion. I may see a new firearm that does everything I want it to do, and 10 minutes later get sticker shock …

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This Ultimate Doomsday Rifle Shoots 21 Different Calibers Of Ammunition

The Scavenger 6 is a new rifle that looks like a revolver and can fire 21 different calibers of ammunition, just by swapping out the cylinder. In a post-apocalyptic scenario where survival is dependent upon scavenging resources, it pays to be prepared. That’s the thinking behind Scavenger 6, a new …

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Top 10 Weirdest Forms Of Ammunition

From hollow points and standard ball to armor-piercing and wadcutters, the modern gun owner has access to a dizzying selection of ammunition. But while most bullets make perfect sense for the situation they’re designed for, there’s always going to be that odd slug that defies logic. 10. Homing Bullets   …

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