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The 5 Best-Selling Handguns in America All Have 1 Thing in Common

You can argue over which brand of handgun you like, but when it comes to features, there is little room for argument. Most shoppers are looking for a gun that is compact, lightweight, and accurate. And for good reason: People want to arm themselves with handguns that are easily concealable …

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Rapid Fire Shooting – America at its finest!

Firearms in the pantry, firearms in the cooler, firearms in the trees, firearms in the drawers, firearms in the engine of the auto. Fill the ammunition pack with magazines, boxes of ammunition, two or three blades, a periodical and a video.  This is a video of fun and anarchy, of flexibility and …

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The Greatest Shotguns Ever Made in America

The fluid movement of a favorite shotgun to a winged or furry target; the versatility to hunt ducks and geese in the morning and quail in the afternoon, or even drop a buck with a slug; this is what makes a shotgun a beloved addition to our outdoor life. I’m …

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Top 10 Guns of American Pop Culture

Firearms have been a part of American pop culture ever since Annie Oakley and Buffalo Bill’s traveling roadshows. From the early days of the western dime-store novel to the earliest silent movies and on through the tough-guy detective stories and the action-adventure movie, guns have been an integral part of …

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