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Situational Awareness From a Krav Maga Expert

Learn to Use What You Have to Your Advantage When Under Attack

As an Atlas Krav Maga instructor, I’m constantly reminding students to think outside the dojo, because the dojo can be misleading. The firing range can be misleading too. How so? Training centers are the only places where you’re guaranteed not to face a deadly enemy.

It’s the training center outside, the one made of alleys and asphalt, that will ultimately test you — and that training center doesn’t hand out belts (or participation ribbons, for that matter). In the real world, you’ll win or lose, and the only reward is your survival. Most survival-minded types understand this in theory, yet so many of them train as if they don’t. The average dojo or firing range is a place to practice your techniques, plain and simple. But there’s a lot more to the fight than just skills or gear.

Is the enemy armed? What kind of terrain are we on? What time of day is it? And what about me? Do I have any injuries or physical limitations? What am I wearing? There are so many things to consider when preparing for a dynamic stress situation; without a way to classify things, it’s enough to make your head spin. At Atlas Krav Maga, we’ve boiled it down to one of three convenient categories: you, them, and the environment. Beyond that, we have three subcategories: before, during, and after the fight.

So forget the dojo for a few minutes, and let’s take a closer look at the real world, starting with … you.