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Realistic Sex Dolls Are Already Here!

A sex doll company out of Barcelona Spain just dropped the mic on the sex toy industry. When it comes to a realistic life-like doll, Lumnidolls has just set the bar very, very high. I mean you can hardly tell the difference between these dolls and the real thing, and after seeing these impressive figurines you may question whether a girlfriend is even necessary?

The dolls are made with life-like soft skin, enhanced figures featuring D-cup sized breasts, and a hump that would stop you dead in your tracks. Lumnidolls also offer a variety of races to choose from as well, including a tall European girl, a curly haired blonde African girl, a Japanese anime character, as well as a red-headed Asian. All come detailed with a full face of makeup and a fresh hairdo.

Now before you go searching for how much these dolls cost, unfortunately, they’re not for sale. To enjoy the comfort of one of these dolls you have to visit the brothel that is exclusively serviced by Lumnidolls…and that’s it. Customers are given hour-long sessions with dolls in an apartment building where they can basically go no holds barred on the dolls. As sketchy as it sounds, it’s actually not as creepy as it seems. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a receptionist where she arranges everything from room settings and music, to mood lights and pornographic movie selections to get you ready for the big show. All dolls are “disinfected” before and after each service with special antibacterial soaps, as the brothel guarantees their high standards for hygiene. After that’s out of the way, it’s all business as usual, or as usual as a brothel can get.

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