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Most Realistic Gun Scenes in Movies (And Some Ridiculous Ones)

Hall of Shame

I could easily write an entire article on how and where Hollywood got it wrong.

Instead I want to point to just a few mess ups and mistakes that I find kinda funny.

If you’re new to guns these can be fun to look for.  If you are an Old hand with a firearm they can actually start to really grind your gears.

Unlimited Ammo: American History X

A tragic and great film has a few very brutal scenes.

One involves the main character wielding a Ruger P94.  This gun holds 10 rounds but the main character discharges it 24 times without reloading.

NSFW clip:

Honorable Mention: Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing, idkfa
Last Man Standing, idkfa

Yea…Cock that Hammer:

The sound of a hammer being cocked on a Glock or other striker fired pistol is an old school Hollywood goof.

Sons of Anarchy seems to do this every time a Glock is in a scene so the award goes to them.

Honorable Mention: In Ant Man a stream of Ants clog the magically appearing hammer on a Glock.

Ant Man, Glock Hammer
Ant Man, Glock Hammer

Shotgun Pumping Sounds Are Cool: The Terminator

Kyle Reese pumps his shotgun three different times without ever firing a shot.

Once when he cuts the barrel off (which makes sense) once when he wakes up, and once when he starts shooting in the club.

Pump It Real Good
Pump It Real Good

Honorable Mention: Natural Born killers has shotguns being pumped numerous times without a shot fired.