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Most Realistic Gun Scenes in Movies (And Some Ridiculous Ones)

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few other films that feature excellent firearms handling that didn’t make the list.  These weren’t necessarily better or worse films, it would have just become repetitive to list many of these.

  • Blackhawk Down: Nothing else needs to best said

  • Act of Valor: Using real SEALs, and SWCC guys is kind of cheating

  • Unforgiven: The scene where Munny tries to shoot a can after years of not firing a handgun is an excellent representation of how skill deteriorates.  (Eric: It’s like me at competitions…lol).
Unforgiven, Shooting Practice
Unforgiven, Shooting Practice
  • Blood Diamond: Excellent gun handling from the trained professionals, including reloads, shooting positions, and well aimed shots.  Child soldiers and rebel handle their guns in the exact unsafe and inaccurate manner you’d expect from conscripts.


  • Ronin: Excellent constant use of firearm sights and well aimed fire.  De Niro running  a SAW and firing short bursts is quite nice to see, even if it’s from the hip.