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Most Realistic Gun Scenes in Movies (And Some Ridiculous Ones)

2. Way of the Gun

Way of the Gun is best described as “Heat Jr”…and not in a bad way.

This small and unfortunately overlooked movie is one of the best portrayals of firearms in movies.

Apparently the director’s brother was a Navy SEAL and served as an advisor.  It certainly shows when it comes to gun handling.  Check out the bad-ass finale:

First off, the guns in this movie are loud.

You feel them when they’re fired.  Especially near the end of the movie a massive shootout occurs.

In almost every scene the actual round count for the firearms they are using is quite accurate and they reload quite often.  And sometimes with only one hand.

Way of the Gun, Reloading
Way of the Gun, Reloading

Near the beginning of the movie the protagonists kidnap a woman and escape.  At the same time they are tactically retreating by covering each other, laying down suppressive fire, and using their wits to escape as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Trigger discipline is another near constant in the film.

The characters obviously have firearms experience so they practice perfect trigger discipline.  Also the bad guys/protagonists wear IWB holsters.  This makes sense, because they are criminals and concealment would be absolutely critical to not being noticed by Law Enforcement.

There are also two lessons about using cover you learn…

First off, don’t dive randomly behind cover.  You might get your arm filled with glass.

Way of the Gun, Watch Where You Dive
Way of the Gun, Watch Where You Dive

Second, make sure your entire body is concealed.  The first ‘bag man’ gets wacked because his toe is exposed.

What can we learn

  • Rifles beats pistol, bring more rifle ammo
  • Cover only counts when your entire body is behind it
  • Know how to do everything one handed