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Most Realistic Gun Scenes in Movies (And Some Ridiculous Ones)

1. Any Michael Mann Film

Michael Mann is a stickler for authenticity.

He is one of the few directors who takes firearms and how they are used seriously.  He hires firearms advisors and makes his actors receive training before filming begins.

Guess what?

It pays off.

Most famous is the film Heat.

Heat is well known for it’s extremely detailed and authentic firearm handling.  The bank robbery scene and what follows in particular is well known for it’s accurate gun handling.

Former SAS guys were advisors on the film, and it shows.

I’d GIF a section of it…but the whole thing is just too awesome.  Take the time to watch the whole thing!

The best parts in my opinion?

  • The accurate use of automatic fire to suppress the police as the crew retreats
  • Val Kilmer’s reload is quite legendary (ok…GIF time)
Heat, Val Kilmer Epic Reload
Heat, Val Kilmer Epic Reload
  • Presence of the Mozambique drill (a Michael Mann favorite)
  • Actual Trigger Discipline!
  • This movie is quiet with dialog and general sounds…until the gunfire starts.  Then it’s loud, nasty, and makes you really feel like you’re in the middle of a firefight.

Heat isn’t the only film that deserves credit.

Michael Mann’s first film, Thief, is another excellent example.  James Caan actually got to train at Gunsite for the film. This showed as he looked like he knew how to handle a 1911.

Old School but great.

Also we can’t forget Collateral with Tom Cruise’s handling of his USP 45.

This includes one of the best on screen Mozambique drills (2 to the chest & 1 to the head) where he hits two targets in 1.39 seconds from concealment.

Collateral, Mozambique Drill
Collateral, Mozambique Drill

If you are a gun gal or guy and you want to see accuracy in the handling and using of firearms look no further than Michael Mann’s filmography.

What can we learn?

  • The importance of cover fire
  • Reloading under fire is a critical skill to have