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Here’s A Short List Of Arms America Sold To Taiwan Last Year

As for Taiwan, register links have detailed descriptions of the weapons’ capabilities and details behind the sales.

Weapon: Javelin Guided Missiles (208)

Value: $57 million (Federal Register Link)

Description: It is a portable one-man armored vehicle and bunker buster that is considered easy to use, according to Raytheon. It has a range of about 2,500 meters.

Weapons: Assault Amphibious Vehicles (36), .50 Caliber M2 machine guns (30)

7.62mm M240 machine guns (6)

Value: $375 million (Federal Register Link)

Weapons: Four Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS) On Ship Low Volume Terminals (LVTs) and Four Command and Control Processor (C2P) units

Value: $75 million (Federal Register Link)

Weapons: Seven hundred sixty-nine (769) TOW 2B Aero, Radio Frequency (RF) Missiles (BGM-71F-Series), Fourteen (14) TOW 2B Aero, Radio Frequency (RF), (BGM-71F-Series) Fly-to-Buy Missiles, Forty-six (46) Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS), Four (4) ITAS spares

Value: $268 million (Federal Register Link)

Weapons: The sale, refurbishment, and upgrade of two (2) Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates (FFG-7) being provided as Excess Defense Articles (EDA). Each vessel will be equipped with the MK-92 Mod 6 Fire Control System, the SSQ-89V(9) Anti-Submarine Warfare System, the MK-75 76mm Gun System, Phalanx 20mm Close-In-Weapon System (CIWS) (Block l B), MK-13 Guided Missile Launching System (GMLS), AN/SLQ-32 Electronic Warfare System, SPS-49 Start Printed Page 7520 Radar, SQR-19 Towed Array Sonar, SQS-56 Sonar, spare and repair parts, publications and technical documentation, personnel training and training equipment, provisioning, system integration, U.S. Government and contractor logistics, engineering, and technical support services, and other related elements of logistics and program support.

Value: $190 million (Federal Register link)

Weapons: Thirteen (13) MK 15 Phalanx Block lB Baseline 2 Close-in Weapons System (CIWS) Guns, Eight (8) CIWS Block 1 Baseline 0 to Block 1B Baseline 2 upgrade kits

Two-hundred and sixty thousand (260,000) Rounds of 20mm MK 244 MOD 0 Armor-Piercing Discarding Sabots (APDS)

Non-major defensive equipment: 20mm dummy rounds; spares to support the installation, maintenance and operation of the MK 15 Phalanx Block l B Baseline 2 systems; classified and unclassified publications; software; training; technical assistance; installations; other technical assistance; and logistical support.

Value: $416 million (Federal Register Link)

The issue with Trump’s call is that President Tsai isn’t as conciliatory to Beijing as her predecessor was. Given how tense issues are between the Washington and Beijing in the South China Sea, the UN and other diplomatic issues, Trump better be prepared to handle any potential fallouts.