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Glock 19 VS CZ P-09

Gun technology today has grown in leaps and bounds. It is rare that you will encounter a firearm that doesn’t work or has stoppage issues right out of the box. The trend is to build lighter, compact, modern-looking, efficient, reliable weapons.This is my Glock 19 VS CZ P-09 shootout, two of the more popular guns on the market today. They have certain similarities and are often compared together.  They also have certain distinct differences.  Either would be a good choice. Choosing one over the other wouldn’t be a disastrous mistake, but there are differences that personal preferences may dictate one over the other.

My Background

glock 19 firingJust a small blurb about myself: I am an army combat vet and I volunteered with the police for 7 years. I have carried a pistol daily for nearly half my life. My style of shooting is very much geared towards combat, fast and lethal. I don’t do competition shootings. I don’t stand and take an extra two seconds to sight exactly between the sights. I don’t recommend that for those new with pistols, and it of course is a skill that has come from years of shooting, but as you will see, it has colored my specific opinion. While I currently own and carry a Glock 19 gen 4 and shoot it almost weekly- I have seen the CZ P-09 on the range I go to, and it is also a popularly purchased gun there.

I’m not looking at a spec sheet; you can find plenty of those on the internet.  This is my reaction based upon feel and experience.

Like many modern pistols, both guns have lower-half polymer frames, enabling less weight than the all-metal guns like the SIG Sauer P226.  Both are a stark black color.