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Ruger LCP – Ultra Light Pistol

Do you need a concealed gun that you barely notice you’re conveying? The Ruger LCP 380 is so little and light, you will overlook it’s in your pocket. In the realm of concealed guns, the littlest, most light gun is the weapon you’re well on the way to pick. Here’s the manner by which …

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Firing The German Flak 36 88mm! When you Need a Bigger Gun

The German Flak 36 88mm gun was the dreaded weapon of pilots of the Allied armed forces. With air burst shells known as “fire,” these strong guns brought numerous warplanes down. Presently these old guns have turned out to be very intriguing authentic bits of military history. Did we say …

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Shooting the T-Gewehr Anti Tank Rifle For the First Time!

Man made firearms don’t come much greater than this. The people over at C&Rsenal got their hand on a T-Gewehr anti tank rifle, and it would appear that they are going to have a huge amount of fun with it. The Mauser 13 mm anti tank rifle, typically truncated T-Gewehr was the world’s first …

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This is How 3 Pounds of Gunpowder Explodes – Don’t try this at home

If you have ever pondered to yourself, “What might happen on the off chance that I set a wick on three pounds of black powder and lit it?” you’re in for a treat. Blasts are cool, yet immense blasts like this one are wonderful. This person sets up a chamber tube, puts …

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