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You Have to Check Out This Giant Wooden AK-47 Replica

You have to see what Instagramer, ak47shooter, has been working on lately. Apparently, his hobby is building large scale replicas of firearms you know and love entirely out of pallet wood. Scrolling his Instagram account, you’ll see he’s built a giant Glock, Revolver, and his latest creation: Can you guess …

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Honest Trailer of the John Wick Movie

You probably know Screen Junkies YT Channel, who make honest trailers for big hits all the time. This week, they concentrated on John Wick, days before its sequel hits theaters. The amusing trailer tries to ridicule an action packed film that was a significant hit with the fans. On the …

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How to Load a Magazine

Now how to load a magazine might seem like something you don’t have to think about when going out to the range. If you want to get full value out of your training time and money, then you should read this and watch the video we found. When I was …

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WingBoard – The Extreme Sport of The Future

This sport will place competitors in the sky, and behind a plane. It’s as insane as it sounds. If you are looking for a new extreme sport to take on, there’s wingboarding. As the name recommends, it resembles wakeboarding, however as opposed to doing it on water behind a vessel, …

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The World’s Worst Tactical Training Video

A man who teaches guns and self defense strategies made an online video that has gotten a considerable amount of attention. From what we’ve seen, for the most part it’s negative attention. The video is about defensive shooting from a vehicle and it’s been named the “The World’s Worst Tactical …

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