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10 lllegal Military Weapons!

Check out these 10 illegal weapons formerly used by the military. On the 10th place is the LASER. A laser is a device that uses an effect of quantum mechanics, the induced emission or stimulated, for generating a beam of coherent light – Both spatially and temporally. Also on the …

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20MM Thought a Lamborghini Huracan

You love Lamborghini, Watermelon and a 20MM ? If you do, this video is for you. First, you’ll fall in love with the car – for obvious reasons – and then you’ll start sweating when you find out what Edwin Sarkissian is going to do with it. In case you …

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How Tanks Defend Themselves From Rockets and Missiles

Tank is a self-propelled combat vehicle, which is protected by armor against projectiles. It mostly rolls on tracks and is usually armed as a military vehicle. This includes the combat armor, i.e. a wheeled vehicle equipped with a revolving guard tower, but also armored vehicles in very different designs, including …

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Philippines Scout Rangers – World’s Most Advanced Special Forces

The Scout Rangers, referred to formally as the First Scout Ranger Regiment, is a Philippine Army Special Operations unit gaining practical experience in guerrilla wilderness fighting, attacks, ambushes, and sabotage. The regiment has been bragged of as one of the world’s best guerrilla battle units. The First Scout Ranger Regiment …

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The World’s Deadliest Anti-Tank Missiles

Check out this video of the world’s most accurate and deadly anti tank missiles. An anti – tank missile, ATGM for its acronym in English ( Anti-Tank Guided Missile ) or weapon anti tank guided, ATGW is a missile designed primarily to destroy tanks or vehicle armored combat . The …

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Handheld Minigun vs Ballistics Gel

The XM214 was a prototype of a rotatry machine gun in 5.56 mm cal. It was designed and built by General Electric, but never entered mass production. Also known as Microgun, the XM214 was a scaled down version of the M134 “minigun”, firing the M63 ammunition. The XM214 was at …

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