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Beautiful 1625 Breechloading Wheellock

This Forgotten Weapons video is all about a beautiful breech-loading wheel lock rifle made in 1625. Breech-loading firearms did not become popular until the 1800s, but talented gunsmiths were already experimenting with the concept and building custom breech-loaders since the beginning of firearm invention in the West. The magnificent rifle …

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Heavy Tank Destroyer Comes Back to Life After 65 Years

Amazingly this Soviet Heavy Tank Destroyer really works following 65 years in the components. Witness a Soviet Heavy Tank Destroyer thunder to life following 65 years rusting in a field. YouTuber spete keeps an eye on shared a video that opposes what the greater part of us can even understand. A Soviet …

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China’s Animated Military Power Video Shows Them Dominating USA

An animated Chinese publicity video demonstrates their apparently untouchable military tearing through the American Navy and taking a U.S. military island establishment. All American resistance is useless as airraft are swatted out of the sky, vehicles are pounded, and the U.S. Pacific armada is sent to the profundities of the …

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