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How an AR-15 Rifle Works – Great 3D Animation

This is a really basic and educational animation that demonstrates every one of the small gadgets of how an AR-15 semi auto rifle works. Becoming more acquainted with your rifle on an individual level is vital, and numerous AR clients know their rifle all around like the back of their hands. …

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A True Classic: The Browning Hi Power

The Browning Hi Power is one of history’s prolific handguns that revolutionized the single feed magazine arrangement used by a lot of guns today. Police forces and military worldwide are still using it as their primary sidearm in Canada, Australia, and many other nations. The Browning Hi Power | A Historic Handgun …

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Understanding How Shotgun Gauges Work

Here’s an examination video of shotgun gauge, size and normal uses for each. In this video, Janis Putelis of Meat Eater shows the most broadly used shotgun gauges and bore diameter and size of every shell. You can learn more about the names, sizes and some different animals that you can …

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How To Get Banned From The Gun Range

The greater part of gun lovers, also like explosives, big blasts, and shrapnel. This lady takes it to the next level, destroys the wooden target holders and everything else. Shooting a suppressed G17 gun using production line 147 gr subsonics, the outcomes are really amazing. Also watch her as she …

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Armalite AR50A1 – Anti-Material Destruction!

This rifle is the most current incarnation of the super well known AR-50 loaded for the intense 50 BMG cartridge. A solitary shot bolt activity rifle including a one of a kind octagonal collector makes camp into a V-molded stock. Intended to be an efficient response for the difficulties of long …

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GLOCK 43 VS JEEP – 9MM VS 40 VS 45

This GLOCK versus Jeep test will show how well handgun rounds can do against an unarmored vehicle with the utilization of multi-calibers in this live fire video demo. In this GLOCK versus Jeep situation, this shooter takes a couple of guns and shoots them through the back to see how far the …

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