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LaRue Tactical TranQuilo M308 Sound Suppressor

LaRue Tactical is known for their great machines, fast ​detach mounts and extremely precise rifles. A legitimate extension of its accuracy ​oriented product offering would incorporate a silencer, and that day has arrived. The organization made a step back, wondered what might make a perfect silencer, then started executing. The …

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Behold: The bolt-action California-compliant Glock

Marketed to those on the Best Coast who want to home build their own Glock style 9mm/.40S&W pistol from a kit, here is a bolt-action for the slide to keep it California-compliant. #nottheonion The manually-operated Inlander $149 Easy Bolt and extended 9-inch barrel bring compliance to the game. The kit, …

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Man Rigs Package To Acare Thieves, Deter Package Thefts

A man from Tacoma, Washington was tired of thieves taking his packages, and thought of a smart solution. Jaireme Barrow fixed a fake Amazon package on his patio to scare crooks with a blank 12-gauge shotgun shell and a secret mechanism. The whole episode was caught on video. Jaireme claims that the …

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The above video from Funker Tactical features Zero’s extreme aptitudes in various shooting drills, of which he executes super fast and precisely. The montage is quite great, given the different situations and guns utilized; he shoots on target with handguns, shotguns and even the notorious AK in a blink of …

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Maxim Pom-Pom 37mm Machine Gun – Gem From The Past!

The Maxim Pom 37mm automatic gun is the weapon to swing to when every littler calibes just won’t do. Terminating a 37mm cartridge with a one-pound touchy shot in a completely programmed capacity made this auto gun a dread to experience from the business end. Mounted onto maritime boats furthermore utilized for hostile to …

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Why Do You Need a .50 cal BMG? Or 3 of them?

In this video Demo Ranch shows the distinction between 3 different .50 cal weapons. 50 BMGs are the absolute most famous rifles on this planet because of popular culture and their genuine practicability for military use. Demo Ranch shows you why in this video. The Barrett deserves the gold medal in …

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