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SRM 1216 Revolving Shotgun – One Weird Shotgun

This is one peculiar shotgun! Most likely the greatest advantage of being Hickok45 is all the peculiar and amazing guns he gets the chance to try out. In this video he tries out the previous. Truth be told, this might be one of the most bizarre shotguns we’ve ever seen, the …

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10 Guns Every Hunter Should Have In Their Collection

There are some guns you need, and some guns you just want – here’s a list with a bit of both. You could shoot anything, anywhere with this group as your arsenal. Some of these guns have stood the test of time and some are more recent emergents. Whether planning a …

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Sabot Micro-Arrows for SHOTGUN – Experimental Rounds

You’ve known about the projectile tipped bolt, however have you seen the broadhead-tipped shotgun round? No, it’s not a joke. This round was composed as a “low motor vitality shot” and indicates to have less backlash, less commotion, and the same adequacy as a consistent slug. How it functions is …

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The 5 Most Reliable Shotguns For Home Defense

When looking for a home defense shotgun, the senses can be annihilated by the numerous varieties that are out there. But what are the best, most reliable ones? Rather than choosing the top five brands or models, we decided to break this down by action-types or how the shotgun works. …

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8 Must-Have Guns for the Doomsday Prepper

There are a number of ways the world could end: nuclear terrorism, an asteroid strike, a massive natural disaster or even the zombie apocalypse — hey, they’re in the Bible. Regardless of how society crumbles, (there’s been plenty of TV coverage lately on the subject) if civilization hits the fan …

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