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50 Cal. Bullet vs. Bulletproof Glass

If you need to protect yourself and spend money into a decent impenetrable glass, it may be a decent solution for most of bullets in any case, in this show, we have a firearm freak who is going all the way to see exactly how far the protection of bulletproof …

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My dad taught me how to shoot, and we enjoyed the time together. Whether we were in the truck heading out to our favorite shooting spot or blazing away at a row of soup cans, I cherish those memories. Many rifles and a handful of shotguns rode in the truck …

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FN USA M249S Semi-auto Rifle!

The first M249 was produced in the mid 1970’s. The U.S. military had handled the Stoner 63 machine gun (LMG) in Vietnam as an approach to arm the troops with a lighter weapon that was less heavy to move through the thick brush and wildernesses of the territory. Something to …

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Gallery: Great New ARs for Shooters

The AR-style rifle is one of the most popular rifles being produced today, and a lot of manufacturers doubled down on their products by producing some outstanding examples this past year. The list below includes ARs along the price spectrum and ARs that defy the norm. Whether you shoot competitively, …

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Best Places to Buy Ammo Online 2017

So many online ammo websites, right? Find out the best places to buy ammunition online from our own positive experiences and fails. Also learn about online ammo buying restrictions as well as recommended brands, types of bullets to buy, and what is a “good” price. Bunch of Ammo Can’t wait …

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