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Thank You Mother Russia ( 34 Sexy Russian Girls)

How could we have been involved in a cold war with a place that has so many hot chicks? Thrill Blender’s belief is that we should show appreciation for all beauty, everywhere in the world. So today let’s start with Russia. Enjoy this collection of sexy Russian girls below…  

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10 Great New Pieces of Gun Gear

It’s true: A shooter can never have too many guns. And he can’t have too much gun gear, either. Thankfully, we have an endless supply of new shooting accessories that make our time on the range or in the field a little safer, a little more fun and a little …

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10 Great New Guns from CZ

CZ has a vast catalog of firearms, boasting rifles, pistols and shotguns for any occasion. Whether it be for shooting birds on the wing or self defense, the Czech manufacturer has shooters covered. And the company hasn’t sat on its heels on filling every shooting niche out there in 2017; …

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5 Stunning Miami Beach Penthouses With Pool

Traditionally, penthouses are apartments that are on the top floor, or near the top, of an apartment building or other structure. Typically, penthouses are distinguished by their magnificent view and luxury amenities. Today, penthouses tend to incorporate modern architecture and design, and although the definition has widened to include more loft-like …

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Beach Houses Across the World

With the summer comes the inevitable question – where should I go on holiday? The time has come for us to showcase top 10 Most Beautiful Beach Houses Across the World Presented on Designrulz. From polished and sophisticated to rustic and casual, you can find your very own coastal style …

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