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Smart Guns & Dumb Laws

Outside of the world of James Bond and Judge Dredd, true smart guns don’t really exist yet, with one exception that we’ll cover soon. So what’s really keeping smart guns off the shelves of American gun shops and out of the hands of American shooters? There’s plenty of support from …

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How To Build A Survival Arsenal For $500

“Survival arsenals” are a mainstay of those in the preparedness community, but the cost of building one can quickly get out of hand. Sure, for a couple thousand dollars, you could buy a high-quality semi-automatic rifle, a dependable pump or semi shotgun, and a good pistol. But not everyone has …

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Aftermarket Updates Every Glock Owner Needs

There really does seem to be a strange love/hate relationship between gun nuts and Glocks. For some reason, the brand is either avoided like a Christmas fruitcake, or it’s canonized into the “gospel” of all that is wonderful about handguns. As for me, I do like Glocks for their sheer …

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Tested: Ruger SR1911 Target Pistol

Having become familiar with John Browning’s Masterpiece at an early age, I have always had a 1911 close at hand. I have owned 1911s from companies such as AMT, Springfield Armory, Randall, Colt, Auto Ordnance and Kimber, as well as some lesser-known manufacturers. While these pistols are all built on …

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