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When Bad Holsters Turn Worse: This Guy Took One Right In The A$$, Here’s Why A Proper Holster Is Essential

Editor’s Note: Many have been asking what ammunition was being carried at the time of the incident to make such a big hole. The answer: Speer Gold Dot 9mm 115 grain +P+ One of our newest writers, Erin, noticed a post in a group on Facebook and asked me if …

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Handgun Reviews: Smith and Wesson M28

The Smith and Wesson M28 is the best bargain among the numerous S&W range of handguns. If you are you looking for a powerful revolver that can handle heavy bullets with great accuracy, this is it! Smith and Wesson M28 | The Highway Patrolman The Smith and Wesson M28 was …

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Epic Beach Photos

If you do not have a traveler’s insurance find someone big airbags like this and you will never find yourself in trouble. Obviously one can feel proud by spending his holiday with a dream beauty like Sarah. She is available for all those men’s who wants to spend their holiday …

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The Most Gorgeous Female Politicians

Politics is never business as usual and who wouldn’t want brains, beauty and confidence? We have here a list of twenty five ladies that are making major inroads in the world of politics while being very photogenic. Isn’t it just better to have younger, attractive people making the policies we …

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